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Updates, changes and FAQ

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If you've been logging on regularly you'll hopefully have seen some changes and (hopefully) minor improvements to the site.

Most importantly, for people seeing the site for the first time, I've started updating the FAQ. Please make sure you read the FAQ if you are logging on for the first time because hopefully I'll have answered some of the questions you have. You can access the FAQ by clicking on the "FAQ" link on the left and then on the relevant section (i.e. Registration / Notes & Exam Papers / Classifieds, etc) which should contain some information regarding the relevant section.

Please post your questions in the forums and I'll start answering them via the FAQ pages in order to help everyone understand how the site works (or doesn't work :P)

Some other changes include incorporating a file browser into the Notes & Exam Papers section (you'll see it on the left when you go to the relevant section), a component that displays upcoming birthdays, allocating activity points when someone uploads a file, some updates to the private messaging component and various other small tweaks and updates like viagra wiki.

Please continue to give suggestions for improvements via the forum or by Private Messaging me with your suggestions.

On a more relevant note, Unisa registration is nearly upon us again. Time to start postponing assignments, wishing you'd taken another subject and staring for hours at a single page while wishing you already had your degree!

Good luck to everyone for the coming semester and congratulations to those of you who did well in the previous one.



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