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Unisa students encouraged to register online

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Queue outside Unisa's Polokwane campusSome prospective Unisa students are not exploiting the benefits of online registration as evidenced by the long queues snaking out of registration venues this semester.

Unisa Western Cape Region communications officer Vicky-Lee Shew informs StudyNotesWiki that the online registration process offers the opportunity to register conveniently from anywhere provided that one has reliable access to the internet. It does appear, however, that several prospective students find themselves queuing for hours and at times even sleeping overnight outside Unisa for registration in spite of this handiness.

Over 2000 tickets are reported to have been handed out per day to those waiting their turn to register at Unisa's Stalwart Simelane campus in Durban in a bid to control the registration procedure. "Quite a few students also come into the self-help terminal because they don’t have internet access at home or wherever…" says Vicky-Lee Shew although she adds that registration is just as simple, accurate and maybe even quicker away from Unisa’s facilities.

20 year old Simon Komape who matriculated last year tells StudyNotesWiki that he opted to queue outside Unisa's campus in Polokwane at the last minute after he was not accepted at contact institutions and is unfamiliar with Unisa's online registration process. Unisa Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education Professor Moeketsi Letseka says that although Unisa caters for school leaving students in recent years a greater turnout can be expected given the increase in the matric pass rate. "Young people who don’t get admission in contact institutions have to look at ODL institutions and Unisa always comes out tops because the Unisa price tag for learning is much more cheaper than UP or Intec."

Registration forms for undergraduate & honours degrees, undergraduate higher certificates & diplomas as well as postgraduate certificates and diplomas can be submitted online via the internet until the 24th of January 2014.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 January 2014 16:04  
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5Friday, 24 January 2014 14:40
This year has been difficult for me . I have tried to register online and I am having problems I have tried to call and they phones just keep ringing and noone answers I have tried to send emails but noone have been replied. I am an international student and I am not able to travel to contact centres to register on my own. this is so depressing
4Friday, 24 January 2014 13:44
I completely agree with you all.
Although the online registration is faster & more convenient, if you make a mistake, you'll be stuck until the heavens fall.
I've done my registration & paid and yet my registration hasn't been finalized.
I've called almost all the numbers for all the regions, the finance department & admissions & registration.
If they don't answer, I'm cut off, on hold or told to wait as my registration will be finalized in due course.
I've sent far too many emails & no responses.
The most annoying part is the same thing happened last year & my registration was only finalized 2 weeks after the closing date.
It makes me sick that we spend so much money only to be met with extreme incompetence & no assistance at all.
I'll be very thankful once my degree is complete & I'm done with UNISA!
3Tuesday, 21 January 2014 13:33
Im in my final year and i did the online registration process. I was first registered temporarily for the incorrect process. I tried to reprocess my registration to cancel this initial one and then received errors saying that my Qualification requires a major. There are no majors for my qualification. I had at this point sent about 15 emails for assistance, when I did get a reply the response was irrelevant to my question. I had no choice but to make payment for the subjects that i had been temporarily registered for. in the home i could edit my registration. I am still trying to do this as the myUnisa site says it will be actioned in due course. When exactly is due course??? I have sent follow up emails and still continue to get responses that do not apply to my problem and then get told i am free to call them. Whats the point of saying this. I have made over 50 attempts to call the number provided yet all it does is ring and then eventually cut off. There is no point in assisting their new students when they cannot assist their current students. If i do not finalise my registration, i will be forced to visit the Durban Unisa office this week. The Unisa supposrt system is less than pathetic.
2Thursday, 16 January 2014 11:59
I agree with the previous post.  I have been trying to register online since 16 December 2013.  Everyday I have been trying 2 or 3 times a day and I always get an error message.  My friends have even asked me to try as late as 2300hrs but all to no avail.  I have also tried to call their numbers and the numbers are not responded to.   I have also sent several e-mails with regards to this but only to get their automated responses.  UNISA should do something about their online registration.  Now I am just left with a week until they close registration and I don't know what to do.
1Wednesday, 15 January 2014 15:28
I agree that the Unisa online registration is simpler, but if you encounter an error there is little to no support from Unisa. I have been struggling to register for this semester, but unable to do so online. I have sent an email querying and have been waiting over a week for a response. Their telephones are also always engaged. I am now forced to go to a registration venue if I want to register before the cut-off.